album released January 2020

The new album, "October", follows the 2017 EP “Dana”. Guitar-forward and lyrical, it features eight original songs in the folk tradition of personal journeys, conversations, dedications and contemporary themes.

Produced by Brian Wilkie, who contributes pedal steel textures and dynamic acoustic, electric and slide guitar work and vocals, with outstanding local artists, John Abbey, Gerald Dowd, Jackson Kidder, Justin Kramer, Laurence Nugent, John Rice and Alton Smith.

The title track, October, is a point of departure for a journey that anticipates arrival in a vibrant place. The look-ahead, November 2018 Wall Street Journal magazine was the irresistible trigger for The Future of Everything.

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 Album includes lyrics and album notes. Features art/design by Margaret Long and Steve Gubin, photography. 

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From the EP “Dana”


Earliest influences include her mother’s abundant love and her soaring soprano voice, musical excursions to Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, and the music of Bob Dylan, the Womenfolk, Joan Baez, Sandy Denny, Eric Andersen and church choir that still remains part of her life. Dana is a south Chicago-born singer-songwriter, lives on the city’s north side, is married to George, and is a mom to two sons, Alex and Sam. Thank you listening and supporting local live music.

Photography by  David Suarez, Steve Gubin and Roman Sobus


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