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During the pandemic, I wrote this tune and had some friends join me for a live recording. It felt great to be together and to shake off the cobwebs.

From the EP Tastes Like Fire

We're Not There Yet



A guitar-forward and lyrical album, with eight original songs in the folk tradition of personal journeys, conversations, dedications and contemporary themes.

Dana Maragos is a superb songwriter with an excellent turn of phrase … wrapped in metaphor and allegory…pure Americana … superbly produced given crystal clear sound which showcases Maragos’ voice … a pleasure to listen to.  - Americana UK - Allen Fitter

Produced by Brian Wilkie, who contributes pedal steel textures and dynamic acoustic, electric and slide guitar work and vocals, with outstanding local artists, John Abbey, Gerald Dowd, Jackson Kidder, Justin Kramer, Laurence Nugent, John Rice and Alton Smith.

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"Tastes Like Fire" (2021 EP) $5 + $2.85 shipping

"October" (2020 album) $10 + $2.85 shipping
"Dana"(2017 EP) $5 + 2.85 shipping

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Dana_ Stella Sketch Oct 2018.jpeg

                                  Portrait by Stella Mavrides.

Photography: David Suarez, Steve Gubin, Roman Sobus and Alex Maragos


Dana's grandmother bought her a $25 guitar in Chicago's Old Town when she was 6 years old while she was already harmonizing with her sister, memorizing long, lyrical passages of the songs of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Eric Andersen.

In 2017 she released the EP, Dana; the album, October, in 2020 and the EP, 

Tastes Like Fire, in 2021. 

Dana is currently working on a new collection, called Unimaginable Things, due out later this year.

A south Chicago-born singer-songwriter, she lives on the city’s north side and plays gigs in the city and suburbs. Sunday church choir is a part of her regular practice as is the local open mic scene. You're likely to catch her road-testing songs. 

Radio play: Live performance and conversation with Lilli Kuzma, host of "Folk Festival"on WDCB-FM (11/7/23).Tastes Like Fire (2021 EP release) was featured on "American Backroads", hosted by Greg Easterling.  WLUW-FM 88.7 Tom Jackson featured the song,We're Not There Yet on his show, "Somebody Else's Troubles";and WFMT's Midnight Special in March 2020.



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