“We’re Not There Yet."

Nearly every day in 2020 during the pandemic, some public official or journalist would utter these words. I was becoming both annoyed and amused with its overuse, and well, you can turn anything into a song, right?

This phrase is also evocative and made me think about where I was, where I'd been.

When do we get "there"? Where is "there" anyway? Maybe it just might be someplace we'd rather not return at all.

I scratched out this this tune and joined some friends here in Chicago to do a live recording and did a video. It felt pretty good to shake off some of the cobwebs.


Here's to all of us coming out on the other side. Where ever that is. 

"We're Not There Yet", single from EP, "Tastes Like Fire."


"Watching The Day Go By"


During the lockdown in 2020, I was pretty low on energy and inspiration. Most days, I was focused on what was going on with family and friends and trying to help others to hold on until we could get to a safer place. So, I sat in my backyard a lot listening to the  birds, admiring a neighbor's treehouse, and just watching the day go by. Good enough. 


This track has  Don Stiernberg on mandolin and Brian Wilkie on acoustic and pedal steel guitars and vocals. They make everything shine.



A guitar-forward and lyrical album, featuring eight original songs in the folk tradition of personal journeys, conversations, dedications and contemporary themes.

Dana Maragos is a superb songwriter with an excellent turn of phrase … wrapped in metaphor and allegory…pure Americana … superbly produced given crystal clear sound which showcases Maragos’ voice … a pleasure to listen to.  - Americana UK - Allen Fitter

Produced by Brian Wilkie, who contributes pedal steel textures and dynamic acoustic, electric and slide guitar work and vocals, with outstanding local artists, John Abbey, Gerald Dowd, Jackson Kidder, Justin Kramer, Laurence Nugent, John Rice and Alton Smith.

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Album includes lyrics and album notes. Features art/design by Margaret Long and Steve Gubin, photography. 
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Earliest influences include her mother’s abundant love and her soaring soprano voice, musical excursions to Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, and the music of Bob Dylan, the Womenfolk, Joan Baez, Sandy Denny, Eric Andersen and church choir that still remains part of her life. Dana is a south Chicago-born singer-songwriter, lives on the city’s north side, is married to George, and is a mom to two sons, Alex and Sam. Thank you listening and supporting local live music.

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Photography by  David Suarez, Steve Gubin and Roman Sobus


Due to Covid-19 precautions, live music venues suspended their operations.  Things are starting to loosen up a bit. If you'd like to leave me a note, please use the contact form below. I'd love to hear from you. Please stay tuned for further updates and thank you for your support and for sharing the music with your friends and family


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