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November 4 at Wishbone North 

August 26 at Skokie Backlot Bash.

June 28 at Uncommon Ground Edgewater. Featuring Dylan Doyle and Althea Grace Band.

June 9 at Friendly Tap, Berwyn. Solo acoustic show featuring local singers and songwriters.

April 19 at City's Edge, Chicago. 41&9 Henry Schueler Foundation Benefit.

March 23 at The Bottle Room, Green Bay, WI

February 17 at Uncommon Ground Lakeview w/Dylan Doyle. 

January 2 at Heartland Cafe, Chicago, Singer-Songwriter Showcase.

November 4 at Uncommon Ground Lakeview, Chicago. EP Release Party.


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Dana Maragos is a throwback to the 1960’s folkie days performing in clubs all over Chicago and across the Midwest where she explores the open mics, writes new music, meets friends, and listens to new voices.

The first track on the new 3- song EP, Dana Maragos features “Changing,” a recollection of deliberate moves that push us into the uneasy spaces we inhabit to take risks. The EP’s cover photo reflects the restless journey and the rawness of Dana’s musical style and writing – lyrically honest, musically spacious, and unvarnished. Thanks for listening!

Dana Maragos performing with Brian Wilkie.